VPK Graduation May 22nd

  1. Each class will have their own graduation time. There will be no songs, just handing out diplomas and pictures. Only ONE class at a time will be allowed in the church. No one will be admitted early.
  2. Families will each have a pew. We will alternate families on each end to ensure social distancing. This will allow unobstructed viewing for every family. Family members attending will be limited to parents and siblings.
  3. We will open the doors on the hour (9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00) for families to enter and children to come in and get their caps and gowns on. We will NOT wait for children who are late. PLEASE be ON TIME.
  4. Diplomas will be handed out on the 1/4 hour (9:15, 10:15, etc.)
  5. The church will be cleared out at the 3/4 hour (9:45, 10:45 etc). At that time the church will be sprayed with Lysol.
  6. Church will then reopen on the hour for the next class. Parents will be asked to stay in their vehicles until the church is opened for their child’s class.



Class times

God’s Galaxy- 9:00

Forest- 10:00

Pond- 11:00

Explorers- 12:00